clinical services

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Clinical services generally refer to the evaluation and treatment of emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Dr. Winsmann’s therapeutic approach is best described as relational. Life problems and difficulties are addressed by partnering with individuals in a professional, therapeutic relationship. The process allows for difficulties to be worked through with another, where insight and change is generated.

Dr. Winsmann works with individuals (adolescents and adults), couples, and families. He provides psychological treatment to persons with various mental disorders including a specialization in evaluating/treating individuals that may have been involved in sexual or nonsexually violent situations and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. He also has a sub-specialty in psychological testing, which is often helpful in determining effective treatment approaches.

Dr. Winsmann provides treatment to those who have exhibited aggressive or violent behavior including sexual offending.

In addition, Dr. Winsmann provides treatment in facilities, where individuals may be detained, committed, or incarcerated.